Wikipedia exercise

The Goal of this exercise is to get a first hint on the potential of collective intelligence. This is done through the improvement of a wikipedia page, i.e. by becoming a member of one of the largest community that takes advantage of collective intelligence.

Before: Identify a wikipedia page to be modified.
Explore wikipedia pages on a given subject. compare pages in different languages (you can use manypedia for that). Choose one page to be edited. Explore the references that are given in the page. Get more deep information from other resources: a reference book, openstudy, researchgate, etc…

Wikipedia page edit.
After exploring resources you should be able to identify information on the wikipedia page that are either wrong, missing, too complicated, badly worded. Let’s improve that!
Additions can be made in text but can also be images. In that case, you first need to upload them on wikimedia (guidelines are also available).
Provide the class with a small description of the edit (what did you do, why and how) including the link to the page (can be done in the form of a QR code with QRpedia). The class (including teacher) will help to check your work. This is important for you to get immediate feedback, and also for the wikipedia community to make sure wikipedia is only improving.

After: Analysis of corrections by the community.
Come back later on your edit and analyze how it evolved.

This exercise can be evaluated with this Rubric:.

Licence Creative Commons
Wikipedia exercise de Antoine Taly est mis à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution – Partage dans les Mêmes Conditions 3.0 France.


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